The development of green electricity AltEnergo exceeded 11 million kW-h

The total production of wind turbines, solar panels and biogas plant "Lucky", built by AltEnergo in the Belgorod region, exceeded the threshold of 11 million kilowatt-hours of "green" energy.

Most of the generated objects AltEnergo RES electricity produced biogas station "Lucky" with capacity of 2.4 MW. Its performance is now able to provide the daily energy needs of all the inhabitants of the Prokhorovka area, which houses the biogas plant.

Recall that a solar power plant with total capacity of 100 kW, installed near the hamlet Krapivenskiye Yards Yakovlev district includes two types of photovoltaic cells: polycrystalline total area of 170 square meters and amorphous area 876 sq. m. Next to the solar power installed five wind turbines, each with capacity of 20 kW. Located near wind turbines and solar panels complement each other: if the weather is clear active solar panel, and when the weather worsens and the wind picks up — most of the power generation accounts for wind turbines.

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