The development of mass production through the creation of a center of technological competence

Today JSC "NPO" Saturn " in the development of mass production of the SaM146 commissioned a new specialty shop. Here is is localized processing of rotor blades and turbine nozzles sectors of low pressure engine SaM146. The organization of production in a closed cycle, the construction of workflow based on the principles of "lean production" will make the output more accurate and productive. The new shop plays a leading role in the creation of a "Saturn" technological competence center in the direction of the blade production: "Turbine blades."

The new shop number 34 for the manufacture of parts low pressure turbine engine SaM146 is located adjacent to the joint Russian-French ("Saturn" and "Snecma") now "VolgAero" in the renovated according to the most modern technology package. Total area of the body — 7,300 square meters.

The workflow in the shop built to meet the requirements of the program of efficient production, processing all parts arranged in a closed production cycle. Plant layout has been checked for manufacturability in a specialized organization. Location of equipment by type of treatment according to the routing process technology reduces interdepartmental and cargo flows within the craft and provides the shortest path of the parts and assemblies through all stages of the production cycle, can increase the utilization rate of equipment. While industrial building acquired external and internal appearance, its leaders have been learning the basics of "lean production."

Workshop space is divided into four production sites: the machining of blades, nozzle assembly area sector, the site special processes and the machining of shafts.

The main areas of processing blades and nozzle assembly sectors will be machining of parts with the use of five-axis grinding machines for deep grinding and EDM equipment.

When creating lines for the production of rotor blades and nozzle blocks SaM146 products in the shop 34 was used all the best, established in creep feed grinding. To further enhance the technological capabilities of land for the production of blades in the shop 34 planned purchase of five-axis profile grinding machines model SXC-512 of the tool changer and the introduction of additional steering axle in the mechanism of diamond dressing rolls. Electric Discharge Equipment shop number 34 can make high performance of various parts of the hard materials while ensuring accuracy and best indicators of roughness and the converted layer.

To complete the full cycle of processing blades and nozzle assembly sectors created site specific processes, which is equipped with newly purchased equipment. This is the setting of laser powder cladding on the contact surface of the parts, vacuum brazing furnace cell gaskets and heat treatment of parts, installation blasting, robotic line penetrance fluorescent control, X-ray inspection, site etching.

The technology of laser powder cladding contact surfaces of the rotor blades and sectors of the SA is new to our company. Quality alloy coating and, accordingly, increase the quality of search using this technology to increase productivity of the process, decrease the time the final workpiece.

The only operation that will remain outside the new production is gas circulation and cobalt-chrome-aluminizing. This special processes will continue to be placed in the shop number 4, for the development of the power section covers in the near future it is planned reconstruction.

The machining of shafts will include all the necessary equipment for special processes on the shafts of the turbine and fan. This is the setting of plasma spraying, the installation of sandblasting equipment for grinding, painting, balancing and controls of these special items.

The shop number 34 focuses a technology that allows to produce high-quality and productive parts for mass production of the SaM146 of 150 sets per year. Schedule installation provides transportation of existing equipment from other departments of the enterprise and the supply of new machining centers. On the opening day of the workshop is designed and has all the necessary capacities for serial production program SaM146 engine for 2011, providing the customer supply 33 engines. Available to date equipment for special processes, such as sandblasting, welding, brazing — overrides the volume serial production in 2011 and is calculated directly for the production of 150 sets of engines per year. Delivery of machining equipment will continue until the end of 2011 and in 2012. All purchased equipment meets the current requirements for machining of aircraft engine 21 century, in its acquisition, production preparation and training of qualified personnel now expended considerable funds.

Opening in "Saturn" blade production based on the introduction of world’s best equipment and the latest achievements in fundamental and applied science, the increase in the production capacity of the enterprise is the main prerequisites for the establishment of centers of technological competence on the board, "the compressor blades" and "Turbine blades." The creation of centers of competence, begun in "Saturn", aimed at both ensuring the company’s needs, enterprises UEC, the whole of the Russian aviation industry.

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