The development of new missiles for air defense systems in the Russian Federation has already started — the committee


Machine-Building Design Bureau "Torch" is already developing a promising new anti-aircraft missile systems for naval and air defense air force, according to the press service of the State Duma Defense Committee, whose members attended this defense plant in the Moscow suburb of Khimki.

In coming years, the Russian Army should reach new air defense systems: mid-range "Hero" and far — C-500.

"In recent years, the company set up missiles for air defense missile systems S-300" Triumph "(C-400 — Ed.) Currently, the Bureau" Torch "developed a new generation of missiles, which are planned for use in ship engines and air defense systems Air Force "- said in a statement. It is emphasized that the Bureau "Torch" — a unique company that develops missiles that do not require maintenance during the warranty period.

As told the chairman of the Duma Defense Committee Vladimir Komoedov, a visit to the defense enterprise Bureau "Torch" was held in preparation for the meeting of the Defence Committee on the rearmament of the army and navy in the modern samples of weapons, military and special equipment.

"Despite the fact that the said company is the best in the Russian defense industry, it is, like all other defense companies, has its problems. This staffing, and high dependence on foreign element base, there is also the issue of pricing of competitive research and development. In this case it is necessary to think about the possibility of adjusting the terms of reference after the conclusion of the contract, "- said Komoedov.

Non-departmental co-chairman of the Expert Council on Aerospace Defense Igor Ashurbeyli previously reported RIA Novosti that the medium-range air defense complex"Hero" will replace anti-aircraft missile system S-300in the Russian army in 2013-2014. Delays are possible only because of the lack of funding for new missile tests this complex. According to him, "Knight" will replace the S-300PS, terms of use are coming to an end. The adoption of the S-500 system is planned in 2015.

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