The development of the domestic production of equipment will provide the technological independence of Russia

The pace of development of the market of telecommunications equipment produced in Russia in 2011 amounted to 40% to 70%, which exceeds the foreign indices by about 15%. Such data are the trade publication ComNews referring to the company’s research Zelax.  

As noted in the study, drivers, future market growth will be construction of fiber-optic communication lines, as well as the construction of the wireless Ethernet network technology LTE.

Despite the positive trend, at present, most communication networks in Russia is built on foreign equipment, which could pose a threat to the stability of the networks in a global sense — national security. According to analysts, the necessary long-term strategy for the development of domestic development, which will provide the technological independence of our country.

Russian manufacturers is the advantage of flexibility, knowledge of the regional specifics of the business, the ability to quickly adapt the solution to a specific range of tasks. "In a highly competitive market, effective strategy of focusing on niche markets — business Russian producers more" agile ", which allows him to dominate niches that are inaccessible to Western vendors. Among the promising areas — the development of high security solutions for state authorities and emergency services, navigation and information systems, security of strategic facilities, "- says the press service of the NGO RIC-Systems, a leading industry expert in the creation and operation of communication systems.


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