The director of The Matrix has decided to change sex

Larry Wachowski, who along with his brother Andrew took became a cult trilogy of "Matrix", said that he was going to change their sex. 47-year-old man has submitted to all as Lana and says incredibly pleased to be able to stop, finally, to live in someone else's body.

First Larry Vanchovski announced the new name in the trailer for his latest movie. "Hi, I'm Lana," — says polupolyak-polubaba operator.

Larry before becoming Lana

The director has already begun to take hormone therapy for the "transition from one state to another." This is one of the most important sex change operations. According Vanchovski, the fact to realize their true feminine essence, the director has taken almost ten years.

In preparation for the surgery, Lana could take more than a year. First rumors that Vanchovski prepared to change their sex, appeared in 2003, when the director divorced his wife allegedly due to the fact that constantly went to her dresses and even then tried to take female hormones.

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