The discovery of new features of the carbon cycle

The discovery of new features of the carbon cycle, scientists have proved

Scientists from the University of California decided to study the behavior of the residual carbon, which are utilized by burrowing into the ground. Previously, it was assumed that the erosion can carry away carbon deep into the soil, acting as a sump for the surplus to his or storage. But in fact, such storage is impermanence, as scientists have found.

In the carbon cycle on Earth soil erosion processes can act as an adsorbent and as a source of carbon, which can not but affect the current global climate. This property erosion simulated the Earth's climate in the past.
It is estimated that half of the carbon that enters the ground during erosion, again highlighted the atmosphere of 500 years. Climate warming gas release will be even faster. Data obtained after the analysis of soil layers near the Belgian River Dyle, formed during the last 6000 years. Confirm this hypothesis.
The main source of erosion before, as now, the agricultural activity. To minimize it to reduce emissions accumulated centuries ago carbon to reduce the use of very imperfect methods of cultivation land and leave no vacant land to crops used continuously accumulated in the soil particles, which give rise to the greenhouse gas CO2.

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