The domestic diesel-hybrid will appear at the end of the year


The prototype of a hybrid locomotive 1200 hp should come out of the gate shop at the end of this year (Figure JSC "Sinara Group").

Russia‘s first diesel-hybrid setup is designed and will soon be made. This achievement — one of the earliest tangible results of the Energy Efficiency Cluster "Skolkovo".

July 4, 2011 to "Lyudinovo locomotive factory" will be laid down in Russia shunting locomotive with hybrid propulsion system — TEM9N SinaraHybrid.

SinaraHybrid — project of "Center of Innovation Development STM". As recalled by RIA Novosti, in December 2010, she was among the first residents of the 16 center "Skolkovo" (even though she is based in Yekaterinburg).

The new car will be used lithium batteries and supercapacitors, intelligent microprocessor control system, radar to detect obstacles and video cameras to monitor blind spots, many other innovations.

Ekaterina Dyachenko, head of the Energy Efficiency Cluster, said: "In six months, the company has fulfilled all its commitments and is ready to show the result. Six months later, we hope, a prototype hybrid locomotive is ready and will be tested. "

The hybrid locomotive can save up to 30-40% of the fuel, besides it emits 50-55% less harmful substances. According to the director, "Center for Innovative Development STM" Anton Zubihina, the need for "RZD" hybrid locomotives to 2015 is 120 pieces.

The very idea of a hybrid drive train rail is not new. For example, in the U.S., such devices have appeared on the tracks in 2005. But they did not become widespread. Thus, in the case of serial production of hybrid Russia will have a competitive product.

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