The draft of the new Russian pipe-laying vessel is presented in Amsterdam

Krylovskogo representative of the State Scientific Centre (KGNTS) presented at the last International Conference in Amsterdam, Offshore Pipeline Technology Conference project pipe-laying vessel.

Creating a pipe-laying vessels for the Arctic seas, according to scientists, is an urgent task, due to the long-term plans for the development of oil and gas companies offshore fields in the Barents, Kara and other Arctic and Far Eastern seas, laying of submarine oil and gas pipelines, which will require extensive use of such vessels .


However, the specific conditions of the Arctic seas with severe hydro-meteorological and ice conditions, increased wave and ice loads require the development and implementation of specific technical solutions for project development pipe-laying vessels.

The report presents the results of a conceptual design pipelay vessel, including the architectural and structural type, general location, solutions for crane, technological, welding equipment, stinger shape, positioning the vessel it.d.

Created an animated model that illustrates all of the most important technical solutions for complex pipelay and pipe-laying vessel interaction with supply ships. Adopted technical solutions were validated when the expanded program of experimental research in the wave pool and ice Krylovskogo State Scientific Center.

Studies carried out in the framework of the Federal Target Program "Development of Civil Marine engineering" and can be taken as the basis for the design development of the pipe-laying vessel.

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