The drive information from the Nizhny Novgorod school

«Digital sandwich», or "digital sandwich" — so students called their invention supposedly allows you to store a supported format A4 up to 28 terabytes of information.

The presentation from the authors:

This news went almost unnoticed fortnight ago.
School children from Nizhny Novgorod Ilya Danilov, Nikita Chernyad’ev and Anton Zarubin involved with the project in the Google Science Fair 2013.
The invention of them is based on the widely used technology of laser engraving on plexiglas, allowing to obtain similar images:

The authors believe that a significant plus of the invention are low cost and the inability to demagnetization. On the possibility of overwriting data for some reason not mentioned.

Journalists say about the upcoming autumn tests of the new drive. It seems that after the launch of these high-capacity drives in the production of innovative technologies compress the movie will not need.

But in general, I wish that journalists manage to present projects of young inventors in such a high key: nothing good usually comes out.

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