The drought continues to worsen U.S. crops

September 5, 2013. Drought in the U.S. continues to harass prairie plantings of spring crops. As a result, the state of corn and soybeans is gradually getting worse, as the data signal and the NASS.

Thus, the share of corn being in good and excellent condition, in the past week decreased from 59% to 56%, and soybeans — from 58% to 54%. Plant development still lags behind the normal, transmits IR "ProAgro".

Cleaning of spring wheat is a lot slower than last year. By the end of the previous week were removed only 64% of crops, compared with 42% the previous week and 93% at the same time in the previous season. Condition of crops of wheat, however, has improved somewhat — in good and excellent condition located on 3p.p. more wheat than the previous week — 70%.

Source: Agency AgroFakt

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