The duty on oil exports increased to almost $ 400 per ton

The export duty on crude oil from 1 September 2012. increased by 17% — to 393.8 USD / t 336.6 USD / ton in August 2012. At the same reduced rate of export duty on crude oil from fields in Eastern Siberia, LUKoil two fields in the Caspian Sea, as well as Prirazlomnoe Gazprom, according to the decree signed by the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Medvedev, has become more nearly 29% to $ 191.3 USD . / t vs. 148.4 USD / ton a month earlier.

Preferential duty high-viscosity oil increased by 17% to September 1, 2012. 39.3 USD / t (from August 1 — 33.6 USD per ton), or 10% of the total duty on crude oil.

Flat rate of export duty on light and dark oil products, except gasoline, calculated using the new method, "60/66/90", from September 1, 2012. amounted to U.S. $ 259.9 / t vs. 222.1 USD / ton in August this year (Up 17%). In this case, the duty on petrol stored at 90% of the duty on crude oil in September reached 354.4 USD / ton (302.9 USD / ton in August 2012., 17% growth). The duty on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) from September 1 reached U.S. $ 76.2 / t (compared to 68.9 USD / ton a month earlier, an increase of 10.6%).

Recall from 1 October 2011. was the transition to a new method of calculating export duties on oil and oil products — the so-called system of "60/66/90." Rate of export duties on light and dark oil products now unified and calculated with a coefficient of 0.66 (66%) of the rate of duty on oil. At the same time reduced the export duty on oil by reducing the percentage of the difference between the price of oil and the cost of monitoring the cut-off from the current 65 to above 60%. The coefficient calculation of the rate of protective duties on gasoline is 0.90 (90%).

At the end of 2012. oil and gas revenues of the federal budget is projected at 6.38 trillion rubles. In 2013. oil and gas revenues of the federal budget will be expected to 5.632 trillion rubles., including revenues from the severance tax on oil — 1.8 trillion rubles., from the severance tax on gas — 368.2 billion rubles., from the severance tax on gas condensate — 12000000000 rub., from duties on exported oil — 2 trillion rubles., from export duties on gas — 527.8 billion rubles., from export duties for oil products — 915.4 billion rubles.

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