The earthquake off the coast of El Salvador

The earthquake off the coast of El Salvador Natural Disasters

Late on August 26, 2012 off the coast of El Salvador, an earthquake measuring 7.4. It was followed by aftershocks of magnitude 5.4. At the moment, data destruction or casualties were reported. Tsunami warning was announced in the coastal area of Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Panama and Mexico after the main shock. Less strong earthquake occurred an hour later. But the warning was withdrawn okeanografom David Walsh after tsunami height was installed near the El Salvador was 10 centimeters.

The earthquake occurred 138 kilometers from the city of San Miguel, a depth of 33 kilometers, and the aftershocks occurred in the same region at a depth of 36 kilomterov. Everything was recorded on August 26 a number of medium-strength earthquake in south-eastern California. The strongest of them is considered a push force 5.5 to 6 kilometers from the small town of Brawley.

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