The economic crisis has led to a reduction in the birth rate in the U.S.

A direct correlation between well-being of the population and birth rate data confirmed the new American government, said today that the number of newborns in the United States has been steadily declining for the past four years.

As noted in the report of the federal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2011 this figure decreased by 1 percent, dropping to less than 4 million people — the lowest since 1998.

The declining birth rate in the United States began in 2008, just after the start of the global economic crisis, which has hit the pockets of Americans. According to estimates by the Federal Reserve System, which serves as a central bank, the welfare of American families has decreased during the crisis, an average of 39 percent to a 20-year-old. From 2008 to 2010 the average cost of property and financial assets held by the citizens of the country, net debt decreased from 126.4 thousand to 77.3 thousand dollars. In the words of the experts, "the crisis has eaten something that has been accumulated by a whole generation."

Experts believe that the economic difficulties faced by Americans, including lower incomes, higher unemployment, difficulties with the repayment of loans and rental accommodation is inevitably affected the desire to have children. It is noteworthy that the birth rate for women aged 20 to 25 years, most of which had not yet financially stronger, decreased in 2011 by 5 percent. During the economic recovery in the United States observed very different demographic trends: the birth rate has been steadily growing since the late 1990s and reached its peak in 2007, when the country came into being 4.3 million births.

At the same time, new government data show that the rate of decline in the birth rate in the U.S. has slowed, and the situation has improved. Last year, the figure fell by only 1 percent, while in the previous couple of years it decreased by 3 and 2 percent. "Maybe it was due to the fact that the economic recession is slowly coming to an end," — said the expert on demography of the Washington-based research organization "Popyuleyshn Reference Bureau" Carl Haub.

The Government of the United States with a population of 314.5 million people, believes that in general the demographic situation is stable and no cause for concern. The report of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in the last year noted that in recent times in American families tended to have two children. It is believed that in a country like the United States, it is enough to reproduce the population and labor force. Demographic data for the current year, the U.S. government does not yet have.

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