The efficiency of LEDs OptoGaN has reached 160 lm / W

In the laboratories of the company reached figure of 160 lm / W at rated speed for odnovattnogo LEDs that correspond to the international development of LED industry. In April LEDs with high efficiency will be available to clients "OptoGaN".

The company "OptoGaN" continually working to improve the efficiency of LEDs by improving all stages of the production process, from epitaxial growth to packaging technology. Using the experience gained at the beginning of 2013 the company’s specialists have achieved efficiency of 160 lm / W in the lab — the indicator, which today tend to all the major players in the market.

At the "OptoGaN" in St. Petersburg already producing experimental models with luminous efficacy of 160 lm / W, and the first batch of products will be available to customers in April.

"Improving the efficiency of LED products is one of our main objectives. Achieving this level of light output shows a high scientific and technical potential of the company, and also confirms that our production is not inferior to companies from around the world. Due to the vertical integration of the company we have the ability to quickly move scientific advances in mass production, making it possible to start selling LEDs with efficiency up to 160 lm / W in the very near future ", — said Victor Uelin, Project Manager Sales Company "OptoGaN."


More information about the updates to LED products, "OptoGaN" visitors will be able to learn LEDTechExpo 2013,
by attending companies "The possibilities of a new generation of LEDs Optogan X10 : From the general to the special lighting ", which will be held on April 11. The seminar Victor Uelin talk about expanding the lineup of the new generation of LEDs X10 and new areas of application. Participation in the workshop is free, registration to the website of "OptoGaN" section Workshops.

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