The electronic part of the troops ASD in the Moscow region continues to actively updated

Into service of radio parts Troops EKR combat duty in air defense in the Moscow area in 2013, received 6 new radar — all-altitude detectors that can simultaneously detect more than 100 targets of different classes — airplanes, helicopters, remote controlled aircraft and missiles at ranges up to 400 km at low, medium and high altitudes.
 TSB intended to review the set of detection, automatic acquisition, tracking, target selection for target designation anti-aircraft missile systems, national identification purposes.

As autonomous agents targeting TSB is also part of the S-400 "Triumph" standing armed anti-aircraft missile regiments Forces Aerospace Defense who are on combat duty for the protection of airspace boundaries of Moscow and the central industrial region.

Total for the current year on arms radio units Forces Aerospace Defense receive about 20 new radars of various modifications. Among them, the radar "Gamma-S", "Sky-Y", "Flying up-to", and all-altitude detectors.

For service radio units Troops EKR in 2013 will do the same and upgraded radars "Desna", "Caste" and others.

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