The electronic passport will facilitate the work of the locomotive

The Regulation of the automated system "e-passport locomotive." The electronic passport will be used for maintenance, unscheduled, current and factory types of repairs, as well as in maintenance and production of new equipment. 

Electronic Passport (EP) to receive complete and accurate operational information on the carrying out of repairs locomotive availability and change of the equipment. Now it is possible to link the CE with current accounting systems of locomotives, the introduction of logical controls, that is made possible ban exit from the locomotive repair without completely fill a passport. All this is a lot easier locomotive inspector, who now keep track of all defects on electronic passport, can give an objective evaluation of the work of repairmen to comment on the quality of the work.  Development of an automated system of "e-passport engine" and its introduction in locomotive depot began in the mid-2000s. Since February last year, after the reform of locomotive maintenance and connection to a single information space of the plants’ Zheldorremmash "and" Transmashholding ", the document began to take the form of regulations. Throughout the year, were monitored using the automated system EP, quarterly reports on the first results were provided to the Directorate thrust of "Russian Railways". With the approval and commissioning of the permanent regulations will be canceled keeping paper passports locomotives. 
However, as the Deputy Head of the Department of Information Technology, Analysis and Statistics Directorate traction Eugene Kisses, the most important task — to complete abolition of passport paper — until the end has not yet been resolved because there are certain programmatic and organizational problems. But already in 2012, planned to phase out paper documents through the introduction of a system of electronic document management technology with an electronic signature. Thus, the interaction of the two directorates — traction and repair locomotives — goes to a whole other level.
As noted in the Center of the technical audit of JSC "Russian Railways", a repair process has become much easier and faster. One need only dial the computer room of the locomotive, and one can see all the information. Now repairers can plan in advance to work with each individual engine. Inspectors designated recipient-CTA in all locomotive repair and Locomotive Works was instructed to monitor the performance of the order of JSC "Russian Railways" about the deployment of the EP.
According to the department for external relations ZAO "Transmashholding", access to the system is at all enterprises "TransMashHolding" related to the production of locomotives — NEVZ, Kolomna plant "LuhanskTeplovoz" Bryansk Engineering Plant and "Penzadieselmash." 
Employees who are entrusted to operate the system of electronic passports, have received special training and coordination in the Railways. The electronic passport is put on every output of the factory gates and a new engine allows you to clearly track the history not just of each locomotive, but each unit under warranty. The introduction of the system has led to the fact that employees holding "TMH" become more closely interact with the employees of OAO "Russian Railways", including those working at the depot across the country and responsible for individual items of equipment. 
Unfortunately, despite the fact that new technology has entered into force, so far, not all service companies have access to the electronic passport. So, for the last week technicians branches, LLC "TMH-Service" was introduced to the order of the coming into operation EP under the painting. But while admission to the document they have not, so they can not see the movement of spare parts and materials for one locomotive and a locomotive engine. 
Have welcomed the new technology and operating manager, however, there are difficulties. According to chief engineer operating the locomotive depot Penza Kuibyshev Directorate traction Sergey Denisov, technically depot prepared for the introduction of the new regulations, but for the effective electronic document needed Staff Engineer-pasportist, which controls the completeness and correctness of the EP of the locomotive repair plant after repairs or upgrades. This should be a specialist, trained or enhanced their skills, but so far in staffing this post was not approved. "On our part, we can remotely monitor all activity on the locomotive carried out at the factory. For example, the delivery of the machine exchangeable parts, components and assemblies for the electronic passport. This is the novelty of the new regulations, "- he said. 
Lead Engineer Sector Control Directorate repair locomotives Gorky traction Sergei Prokhorov said "Gudok" that the rules of the automated system "e-passport engine" they use for over a year. The so-called temporary regulations, which are now introduced in pilot form, open to innovation proposals from the line during the year. From paper with data on locomotives nobody, of course, will not give up, too. Such documentation is stored in the depot as before. But the e-passport is convenient because the official management, without the help of the depot, gets an opportunity to check all parameters of the locomotive. Particularly relevant in this sheet if traction rolling in order arrives on the other road or in case of technological failure of the locomotive on the line.

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