The end of the world is near?


The end of the world is near?

15.12.03, the


The date of the end of predicting all and sundry: Nostradamus, White Brothers, sisters Jehovah, the latter-day saints and magicians, physicists, astronomers, ecologists and economists. Who to believe? Maybe a famous scientist?

Then we can assume that the world will end after 57 years. This prediction has made great scientist Isaac Newton discovered the law of gravity. Researchers from Jerusalem managed to decipher the unique manuscript of the great English physicist — only four and a half thousand pages. They contain a specific date for the end of the world — this is 2060.

Black date, according to scientists, will be preceded by a devastating war and the global epidemic. Then go down to the ground should the Messiah, who will single-handedly run the world for millennia. In his work, according to the researchers, many mystics and enigmatic sayings, which is not typical for the follower of the exact sciences. A previously unknown manuscript of the scientist, in which he bases his prediction was kept in the library of Jerusalem. It belonged to a private collector who bought it at auction, "Sotheby's" in the late 30's of the last century.

But astrobiologists Donald Brownlee and Peter Ward of the University of Washington reported that the end of the world not just close — he has already begun: the Earth is gradually consumed and will soon be absorbed by the sun. Thus, according to scientists, the age of our planet is 4.5 billion years old. After a half-billion years of the Earth will disappear from the face of animals and plants. After 3.5 billion years, the oceans will evaporate. After 7.5 billion years the sun will absorb the expanding Earth and destroy all signs of its existence, according to

If we translate the potential lifetime of the earth in a 12-hour cycle, it turns out that 4.5 billion years of our planet will be equal to 4:30 am. By five o'clock in the morning on Earth will end the era of the animals and plants that prevails on the planet 1 billion years. All complex living organisms will die. By eight o'clock in the morning all the oceans will evaporate. By noon — after 12 billion years of existence — in the growing size of the sun, which will turn into a red giant, engulf the planet, destroying all traces of its existence. Earth will split into molecules and atoms that are drifting in space.

Interestingly, the security services and are wondering about the end of the world. Members of the FSB Russia shared photocopies of some documents marked "Top Secret."

On establishing the exact date of the end of the world is beating a former KGB one working group. The first deals with the physical aspects of the problem. The documents mentioned the names of several leading Russian physicists, ecologists and physiologists who cooperate on this issue with the Russian special services. Another group — a group of prophecies. It is engaged in the collection and analysis of various transcendental evidence. It is obliged to investigate and render a verdict about any theory about the end of the world. In particular, as far-fetched at the time was swept away version of the "White Brotherhood". From the results of this group, we know that Nostradamusovskaya version is also not true. Available to them prophecies that foretold the nearest end of the world falls on June 13, 1999. However, joke feesbeshniki, this end of the world will be the twenty-third of its kind in the last year. In the third task of the known groups is to prevent the Apocalypse. Undoubtedly, the work of this group should be recognized as the most difficult. This is evident from the group, which, among others, is a physicist, environmentalists, doctors, a geologist, an Orthodox priest, scholar, it also operates a number of senior foreign ministry officials.


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