The energy market Russia has signed a major deal

The international consortium of investors and "Inter RAO" concluded the largest investment deal in the energy sector in Russia. $ 625 million will be spent on the construction of power plants and other energy facilities. Investors will receive a little more than a quarter of the shares "Enel OGK-5."

Fifth of the investment will provide Russian Direct Investment Fund. The rest — private money, said in an interview on "Russia 24" one of the participants in the transaction, the head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund Kirill Dmitriev. "Under the terms of the agreement, the consortium of investors will get little more than a quarter of the shares" Enel OGK-5. "Deal still has to go through the approval of the government and the" Inter RAO "- said Dmitriev.


A private equity fund is already planning new investment in another project — this time in the medical field. "Medicine in Russia is still in a rudimentary state. This requires investment in technology and staff training, and the right processes. We are thinking about investing in one of the leading networks of clinics in Russia, which will then develop in the regions", — the head RFPI.

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