The enterprise Harovsklesprom goes global modernization

The enterprise "Harovsklesprom" goes global modernization. In fact, now there is a construction of a new production. This new equipment and new technologies. Sawmill line is almost ready for commissioning works. The new production building mounted Swedish sawmill line Soderhamn-Ericsson. It has the features: timber is not profiled, the line is equipped with circular saws and cutting machines for the side boards. Automatic optimization of sawmill line maximizes the production of finished products. The shop installed a new debarker and sawlog supply line, equipped with a swivel mechanism logs. Ready for a new line of work and sorting plant. It has a pocket 42 and an increased level of automation. Eugene Chekanov, chief sawmill  
Pre-commissioning due to start in June. All work is carried out without interruption, now lumbering volume decreased, but not for long. This year will also have to establish new lines of sorting logs and dry timber, and additional drying. After the modernization in 2015, the company is scheduled to be processed 450,000 cubic meters of round wood and produce 250,000 cubic meters of finished lumber.

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