The EU and the Ukrainian suitcase without a handle ‘

The EU and the "Ukrainian suitcase without a handle ‘

I think that the process of association of Ukraine in the EU more dramatic than it seems at first sight! Someone wise said that if you do not understand the actions of politicians, it does not mean that they are stupid, most likely, is that you do not know something.
In this context, a languid position Russia to Ukraine for the last several years, can be explained by the fact that, probably somewhere around 2005., If not earlier, was made an informed decision that integration with Ukraine to be feasible.
That is, we realized that the "Bolivar can not stand 3" and decided to limit Kazakhstan and Belarus. And Ukraine identified by educational and exemplary role "suitcase without a handle", but with an unexpected outcome. It is obvious that the decision to declare it was impossible under any circumstances! That’s why a third-party view, the policy of Russia, on the formation of pro-Russian parties and movements were sluggish and very inconsistent. It can be explained that the active support and implies certain obligations, which we understand to take in the wake of these decisions, it would be podlovato, against activists of these parties. Thus, Ukraine fit into our integration processes as a "suitcase without a handle." And as each bag has his own original story! If you go back into the Square, we can see that over the last 20 years, the West understood that the rapprochement between Russia and Ukraine is very possible, sought to "fill this bag of bricks" in politics and the economy, creating additional problems to us, Convinced that it does not throw a Russian-able "sorry." That is, simply put Ukraine actively destroyed, so that the integration and rehabilitation of the country, in the era of the global crisis, Russia has taken away from the maximum of resources .. and there, as they say, and straw can break the back of the bear. One of the examples here, though, would be "Nord Stream", with all other European bonuses, they clearly understood that its construction puts Ukraine to Russia cancer and destroy the remnants of its economy, with all the social, political and infrastructural implications, but "euro -priests "Ukrainians shvarknuli …! Now, it is clear, the game was a giveaway, that’s just the rules changed at the end of the party, such as: "Who won — he lost." To the surprise of EU sincere.))) Here, we must pay tribute to Putin’s team, once again, as in judo, they upgraded our weakness into our strength, that is, "Torn off, this" suitcase ", in general, all the convex parts, reported more bricks and passed, this shapeless, ragged trunk Europe, all in anticipation of a fundamental crisis, amid tight euro-saving, etc. etc. In practice, our global competitors, hung another core to his feet before the fatal thrust towards the coveted "golden billion". And then we get the EU’s position is logical! Realizing what he slipped, he tried to scare the wild Khokhlov terms of the Association Agreement, in the hope that they do come back in the ass … We all remember how many "minutes and rake" crammed for the Ukrainian economy. And really, it was the European cry of despair, so they did not want this "Ukrainian suitcase", because they already have a collection of such baggage, but there was not "throw a pity …." and "… you can not quit-kill ..". And here is beautiful Europeans stuck to the yoke of their propaganda, because 10-th anniversary of the European fairy tales "rivers of milk" and "transversal to the banks" can not reset some squiggles in the 900 page text of the Terms of association with the EU, and even written by foreign letters.
Error in Europe that "reasonable euro-priests" were hoping for a "reasonable Ukrainians," and there they are gone, they are their own reformatted for 20 years show ..
Well, all the subsequent Euro-squeals … to accelerate the procedure associations, … joint exercises with NATO, all of this "blackmailing bluff", the purpose of which is that a Russian, with fear, took this "suitcase" back. Our position is quite logical, and apparently based on efforts of technological integration with Ukraine. We clearly understand that every year, "independence" pushes the successful integration of our countries and on and on.
Somewhere is that, since 2005, 6d. (First gas war) has become absolutely clear that this integration for Russia is flawed and dangerous. Old Soviet expertise and resources inherited from the Soviet Union, Ukraine had eaten and fucked, and new competencies it does not appear, the comprador elite, social risks are enormous. Its restoration to an acceptable level will be prohibitively expensive and impractical, and even fatal for the Russian economy, and even more so in anticipation of global turmoil. In this situation, the decision on the transfer of "Ukrainian suitcase" to Europe, giving a double benefit, because managed not only to get rid of the "native grenades in the ass," so we still managed to stick her nearest rival, thereby weakening it. In this case, all the risks of the "rivers of milk and sebaceous shore", we moved to the very beautiful storyteller, who is oh, so not to fairy tales. And Ukrainians him in patsanski remind "… that no one, for language-that it is not pulled," and further possible drama. Well, for us, on all developed very logical. When we realized 100% that "suitcase" We will not come back, under any circumstances’ started our well-reasoned, "gold preferences from the vehicle." Note that we do almost nothing was worth all the gold in the virtual, but …! Thus, we have laid the foundations of our Ukrainian position for the next decade. These "golden gingerbread Glazev" will reformat Khokhlov-brains in 4-5 years. When, clearly, "profukal chance" to be massively obvious and will in future argument inside-Ukrainian integration battles, and in the ancient Russian play — "Who is to blame and what to do with it?", But on quite different conditions! In contrast to the Euro-priests, we have something for a long time and know the Ukrainians can only sympathize with EUREKA, as know that there have Khokhol greater enemy than the one who stole his bacon! In this scenario, already extreme Muscovites will not …
Note — all of these bonuses we get for free, and almost automatically! So, to sum that we have in the net result, the project "Ukrainian suitcase", in anticipation of global turmoil, according to a result which is not all remain in the "golden billion": 1. We minimize their risks, both financial and political;
2. Weakened European competitors;
3. With high probability, have laid a strong foundation for future integration with
Ukraine, and these processes will be developed by and for us almost
free of charge;
4. Integrated into the European Union multimillion protest vote;
4. Got a bright educational effect on other "suitcases". Can we call all of this — the lack of a clear position on the Russian Ukrainian issue? Note that all the de-integration of Ukraine takes action itself, in sober memory in the consensus of the elites and the electorate, thus receiving from us an honest assessment of future impacts, etc., etc. At trial, the history, we are to blame, not nearly what!
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