The European Parliament in Moscow suspected russophobia

Russian Foreign Ministry called the "cynicism and blasphemy" voiced at recent hearings in the European Parliament thesis that "the identity of Nazism and Communism", and accused of interfering in internal Russian affairs deputy, who called Chechnya "enslaved European state."

 "We believe this approach is an attempt to falsify history, frank cynicism and blasphemy against those who freed the world from the horrors of the" brown plague. " Such approaches injustice to the memory of millions of victims of crimes against humanity that were condemned Nuremberg Tribunal, "- saidRussian Foreign Ministry statementabout the statements of some MEPs at the hearing "Small peoples under the yoke of totalitarianism." The hearings were held in the European Parliament on March 19, at the initiative of the European People’s Party.

"It seemed at times that the organizers of the hearing arguments go beyond the adequate perception of reality and is a direct interference in the internal affairs of our country," — also reported to the Foreign Ministry. It’s about saying Vajdere MEP from Latvia, who called the Chechen Republic "enslaved European state."

The Russian Foreign Ministry advised MEPs from the Baltic states, "pay attention to the flagrant glorification of Nazi criminals and their local collaborators." In a statement, the Foreign Ministry also recommended the European Parliament as a whole "to show common sense and distance themselves from this kind of extremist and irresponsible statements."

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