The expedition of the Russian Geographical Society returns home

Research vessel "Aldan"


Research vessel "Aldan" left the place Search the famous caravels — Ice Harbor, the place where in 1596 a Dutch expedition led by skipper Willem Barents held its most difficult winter in an attempt to pass the northern sea route from Europe to India.

Search engines work on the site of the sinking started in 1977, followed in 1978, 1979, 1980, 1982, 1985, 1991, 1992, 1995, 2006, 2008 and 2009 in the Ice Harbor worked next expedition.

Despite the fact that the ship is still not found, can not be said that the expedition was unsuccessful. "Yes, — said Dmitry Kravchenko, historian, navigator long voyage, the Vice-President of the Association of Russian Travelers and inspirer of the expedition. — The ship we have not found, but found a large cluster of fragments in the place where he did not expect, so everything is still to come. "


Reconstruction of the caravel Willem Barents

According to numerous engravings known as the ships looked XV-XVI centuries, but the exact details of the design features of buildings and ship building technologies that have enabled humanity to know the entire globe, the modern science of history has almost no. Among the priceless historical artifacts, sunk with the ship lying on the bottom and the remains of the body, eight guns, three anchors, two Horns and other vehicular equipment.

The expedition included high-class professionals — geophysics, archeologists. The technical part of the work to raise the wreck took the diving team from Severodvinsk, which specializes in underwater and diving operations of varying degrees of difficulty. All the studies and work were recorded in the photo and video.


Map search for ship

"At 15:45 Aldan bent loop to get out of the nose to the Ice Harbor, and began to gain momentum. The captain announced: "Attention, crew and members of the expedition, head for the Archangel. Tentatively, we arrive in the morning of the 21st. Not relax, stormy weather ahead." Over tea in the mess it turned out that we were going east coast of Novaya Zemlya, through the Strait of Ugra Bowl. Thus, it turns out that during the expedition fully go around the archipelago and we close the loop of Arkhangelsk ", — wrote in his diary, a journalist and member of the expedition, Igor Emelyanov.

Chief chronicler of the expedition in search of their records in 2012 compares with diary entries from the 16th century, who miraculously survived: "In a global sense, everything looks like. Three expeditions of the 16th century were unsuccessful. 12 expeditions of the 20th century, too. Now we do not appreciate their voyage by the result, but in the process. Prior to India, they did not go, but how much adventure. We have not found caravel Willem Barents, but as looking for. Tried the hard way what it is — to spend the night in a draughty winter quarters, and the smoke from the hearth we just ate his eyes, like the Dutch. I even think that the bears have visited with the same frequency and the same, "- writes Emelyanov the blog of the expedition.


Author: Julia Smirnova Materials

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