The experience of first aid Barnaul is recognized as one of the best in Russia

Experience Barnaul to equip ambulances, a satellite navigation system is recognized as one of the best in Russia, said at the last conference in Moscow region Russia’s largest operator and developer of software and hardware in the management and monitoring of transport, management of fixed and mobile objects on the basis of satellite navigation systems GLONASS "M2M telematics".

In 2009, for the first time in the Russian Federation on the Barnaul ambulance station work has been done on the integration of satellite navigation system with automatic control system by visiting teams. Satellite navigation equipment installed on all ambulances.
As a result, Barnaul ambulance station from the beginning of the implementation of navigation systems on 20% increased fuel efficiency, the number of successful resuscitation has also increased by 20% and the speed of response teams to the challenges raised in two times.

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