The experimental solar power plant built in Yakutia

July 8. To save fuel resources and conducting pilot tests on introduction of renewable energy sources in the far north of Yakutia in the executive management of "Sakhaenergo," a subsidiary of "Yakutskenergo" to build an experimental solar power plant with capacity of 10 kW.

The structure of the solar power plant consists of 52 solar panels (each panel power — 195 watts, voltage 36.3 V), three-phase AC inverter (10 kW output, the output voltage of 380 V), as well as auxiliary equipment and materials. Photovoltaic cells installed on the roof of the garage floor and are designed to partially power production facilities located on the territory of the executive management of "Sakhaenergo."

Due to the high cost of ready-made solar power department employees to introduce alternative energy sources and new technologies of "Sakhaenergo" made a proposal to reduce the cost of the project by 30% through self-assembly of the station from the individual components. For example, solar panels were purchased with the help of the Yakut representative of China in the company "Harbin import-export trading company", the inverter — in Moscow distributor in the Danish company Danfoss, cables and auxiliary materials — in stores electrical engineering in Yakutsk. Metal racks for solar panels are manufactured in the manufacturing center of "Sakhaenergo."

With this experimental setup will conduct research on the basis of what you can get practical skills for using equipment SES. Studies include testing of multiple modes of operation under different conditions, a comparative analysis of the theoretical numbers with virtually findings. In the process of using solar cells can be identified weaknesses and to develop new ideas and engineering solutions to improve the SES in the Far North.

In the future, solar modules are planned for the item Batamaj Kobjajsky ulus for electricity generation in parallel operation with diesel power.

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