The experts evaluated the Skolkovo Foundation aircraft type Atlant

Specialized experts Fund "Skolkovo" project evaluated the hydrostatic transport aircraft, a new type of "Atlas". As reported in "Aeronautical Center" Augur "," a composite aircraft that combines the best qualities of the airship, aircraft, helicopters and hovercraft. "In digging, the developer claimed that the commissioning of the aircraft again raise Russia in a number of the world’s leading aircraft

"Project" Atlas "received the highest positive score of expert advice. Initially, the state represented by the Fund" Skolkovo "takes over 75% of total expenditure on the project. At the final stage — testing and commissioning of a new unit, part of the state will drop to 25% . remaining funds will come from private investors, "- said in a statement.


To implement the project "Atlas", "Aeronautical Center" Augur "established a subsidiary — EDO" Atlas ", received the status of a resident of the Fund" Skolkovo ". According to the developers," Atlas "will have unique properties with carrying capacity — up to 250 m, range of up to 5 thousand miles and the ability to take off and land from any surface, including water.

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