The exploits of the Russian God of War — Sviatoslav

The exploits of the Russian God of War - SviatoslavThe stately Prince Svyatoslav — this is one of the brightest figures of rich Russian history, unfortunately, almost forgotten by our government and the official historiography. If the other person, who made a great contribution to the development of Russian civilization, such as Ivan the Terrible and Joseph Stalin, often watered mucky, then decided to keep silent about Svyatoslav, was subjected to oblivion. Apparently, not to stir things past days, a lot of painful issues can swim out of that watershed era — about the Khazar Khaganate, Judaism, rahdonitah, the Christianization of Rus', its consequences, Byzantium and Rome, destroyed civilization Russes Central Europe.

Although on that era as a time of Svyatoslav, it would be possible for the Russian government in power, remove the weight of the amazing movies, cartoons, write books, returning to the Russian people learning about real Russian disposition, uncompromising evil, unknown means, only good and evil.

One of the legends made about this time — the myth of Princess Olga "Christian dove", "the great ruler." Integral part of the myth — the parable of the "all-time high esteem", which met the princess in the capital of the Byzantine Empire. In fact, Olga is not perceived in Constantinople as the head of the country, for example, the Armenian nobles, Hungarian leaders, Bulgarian Empire donations were much more generous. Olga on serious Byzantine etiquette was just only as an ambassador. Placing lower than the leaders of the nomadic Hungarians. In addition, Olga — the ruler of Russia, which has shaken its neighbors blows her majestic Princes Oleg and Igor concluded with a mighty Byzantine Empire of the contract for the rights of the favorites — she arrived in Constantinople. Prophetic Oleg troops walking on the Russian sea (modern Black Sea) hosts Oleg "hung its own shield" on the gates of Constantinople into a symbol of Russia and the patronage of its power. By Igor Byzantine kings themselves sent ambassadors.

Almost Olga opened the list of rulers, "travelers" (there are wise outlook, which is slightly traveling to foreign countries ruler — a wise ruler than a "traveler") in Russian history, and there are not the best rulers, from Peter the Great and the "weak and the evil one "Alexander's to Khrushchev and current presidents of the favorites.

The next step of the "great" Olga had an embassy to the King of the East Frankish kingdom of Otto (later to receive the title of the ruler of the Holy Roman Empire of the German civilization). This power was the most terrible enemy slavyanorusskih tribes in the West (of those lands had its origin and the Rurik dynasty, descendants of Rurik the Falcon), in alliance with the papal Rome leading the advent of the North and East of Europe. "Crusaders" with fire and sword burned Slavic civilization of Central Europe, destroying her town, destroying the beautiful and ancient temples, stripping all traces of its existence, paying people to Christianity (before it liquidated carriers of knowledge — and the priestly caste of the nobility, who did not recognize the new order ), leading to the slavery of thousands of people. Because power Otto was one of the nests merchants rahdonitov (radanitov), who controlled the slave trade in large areas of Europe and North Africa to the Near East, Central Asia, having ties with China and India. The kings and princes, at the request of rahdonitov, forbade pay Slavic slaves to Christianity because Christians would have to release. Specifically, at the time the proud name of the Slavs (the glorious history of its own, speaking the same language — know the word), which were the most countless people in Europe, Greek, late Latin, German, French, Portuguese, British and other languages has been translated as "slave". The current confrontation between NATO — Our homeland (East — West) has more than a thousand years of history. Specifically, at the time, after several centuries of bitter warfare, fierce battles, seas of blood, and thousands of thousands of Slavs, Rus, gone into slavery in Western Europe, Africa, Near East lands and the deeper parts of Asia (of course, the main subject of the slave trade were ladies and kids, the more frail people who can put up with captivity), Rome and his men of the kingdom were able to Christianize Europe, destroying an entire culture — Western Russia (wends). Part of the Slavic tribes survived by adopting the religion, language and some power of the enemy — the Czechs, Slovaks, Croats, Poles, etc. Those who resisted to the end, were killed and almost completely assimilated.

Track down analogy with today's time, history tends to repeat unlearned lessons — slave (well, child slaves) from Eastern Europe, in the main Slav, after the collapse of the Red Empire have filled in all the brothels, harems, Western Europe, Africa, the Near East. Our homeland, Ukraine, Belarus loses every year thousands of such Makar, 10's of thousands of people.

What did Olga wanted from this terrible enemy of the Slavs? The Embassy has been sent to grant Russia "teachers of the Christian faith"! This is the enemy that destroyed and thousands of thousands of Slavs! In addition, in political terms, this act Rus acknowledged himself a vassal of Otto powers and means of Rome, becoming a province of the embryo Western civilization. This fact in school and college textbooks is not mentioned, and this is an event of great historical importance — Russia could become, in this scenario, the state of the church, such as the Polish kingdom. And to carry fire and sword "the light of the Christian faith" later in Asia. With such nominee peoples of the East and the South, there would be only posoboleznovat, Catholicism while establishing his authority brutal ways by drowning in the blood of any test of resistance. In another embodiment, the events of Rome would have thought, "Russian question" a thousand years ago, "so, Berlin, Vienna, and now the German town of Dresden, and were Slavic, so, Kiev, Moscow, Novgorod, Smolensk, Rostov-on-Don and Ryazan now be worn by others name — the Latin or German and Latin.

Naturally, in the Power of Otto and Rome with ecstasy took this news would — without a fight to get power, which is largest in the area a couple of times the future Holy Roman Empire of the German civilization. Subdue people without resistance, which, with its military campaigns shook the adjoining majestic power and the people, descendants of the gods and Veleta, Power Eagle.

The purpose of the Christianization of Rus instructed Bishop Adalbert of Trier, he accompanied a large group of soldiers as "peacekeepers." But thank God, we had a prince Svyatoslav which with his own retinue had surgery to "seize control" in power. Young Svyatoslav possessed sufficient intelligence and influence, of course, it supported the priestly caste, then possessed no small authority to validly discharge of management fallen into a senile mother. Well-armed troops of Western "missionaries" were cut, and he barely took Adalbert feet from the country of barbarians. His first fight of a brave prince Svyatoslav rescued Russ, all of Russian civilization from Catholicism and westernization, which most likely would have ended the same way as for the mighty alliances of tribes in Western Russia — lyutichey, obodrichey and smaller mass — complete assimilation, mass genocide.

The war with the Khazars

he second fight of Svyatoslav was the war with the Khazar Khanate. This parasitic education "miracle Yudo" ispilo lot of Russian blood — was taking a subordinate Slavic tribal unions tribute to people, "according to a snow-white girl from the smoke" (that's where the image of the parables in the Russian Snake, demanding "white girl" for a sacrifice); conducted a brutal policy of genocide and total submission in respect of the Slavs, who were residents of most of the Khazars (according to Arab sources, they accounted for a significant percentage of the population of the Khazars), killed princely families in unions Vyatichi, Radimiches Northerners; raided a vacant land of the Slavs, leading to of the thousands of people. Russ remembered about the treacherous attack 912, which calls for revenge, patience was packed. The fight with the Khazars were still Rurik (Rarog-Falcon), Prophetic Oleg and Igor — they inflicted a series of defeats, liberated areas, previously a vassal of the Khazars, including the Kiev region — the land clearings. But the biggest blow was Svyatoslav — he crushed the snake nests, destroying this government run across large areas under the control of the Russian prince.

In 964, Svetoslav on the Oka and Volga world included in its power tributaries Khazars — Vyatichi, fighters have joined the union in his army. In the year 965 struck the Volga Bulgar, devastating the city of Bulgar and land Burtases (by Arabic sources), then went down the Volga. In a fierce battle in the capital of the Khazars — Itil — his army of warriors killed the Khazars and then took the city by storm. This blow to the heart of Khanate, Svyatoslav cut down the snake's head, broke the control system over the state, he is now able to push the other nests, braving meet the general forces of the Khazars. After that, a fiery tornado went over the possessions of the Khazars, including the North Caucasus — were subject to the tribes of jars and Kasogs, captured the fortress Samandar (modern Caspian Dagestan). The latter took a strong fortress on the Don — Sarkel. Svyatoslav not simply destroyed the power rahdonitov, the Khazar government, he wisely began to establish Russian control of this area — the garrisons were left in Itil, Samandar, Sarkel Vezhoy was snow-white, it was then based Tmutarakan principality. So Makarov, Russia's entrenched in the North Caucasus in the 19th century, and a thousand years earlier. Arab sources (Ibn Haukal) became known as "Russian River" is not Don (as Al Masudi), and the Volga. It turns out, and Ivan the Terrible, just return us to "Russian River", and then the thoughts and deeds of Svyatoslav Igorevich were the first.

They say about the sources of intolerance great warrior Svyatoslav and himself to the "strong points" enemy outlook — heritage of Judaism, Christianity, Mohammedanism to uproot the root of the Khazars. And then with the mind of the sage warrior knew what he was doing, specifically with the advent of religions went to the ancient Vedic heritage of faith Russes. And no need to think that Svyatoslav and his army killed all the Khazar people, not counting those who managed to escape. It is clear that uprooted Jewish (and part of the time to escape) and allied Turk (Muslim) elites, most likely killed the Christian community, or part of them, as the main mass of the heathen, the general population ("Black Khazars") is not affected — who offered no resistance , becoming the subjects of Svyatoslav. It is necessary to take into account the psychology of the Rus long — resist fiercely pressed, but ordinary people do not get offended at the Rus, the Slavs even slavery was not. The prisoners after a couple of years of work (type of modern forced labor — for misdemeanors, crimes) received the freedom and could return home or to remain in the community as full members.

Subsequent own smashing blow Svyatoslav sent to the Byzantine empire, the empire of the Romans, the successor of the Roman Empire, freeing the Slavic Bulgaria. But this topic will leave aside for a moment, summing up the events considered.

The exploits of the Russian God of War - Sviatoslav

The results of the first victories of Svyatoslav

— Brave Russia Svyatoslav rescued from the clutches of the Pope of Rome, in one fell swoop changed the history of their own squads. Russia and the Russian people do not fall under the authority of the Western world and its then the control center — Rome. So Makar, Svyatoslav rescued our people and civilization from total defeat and dissolution.

— Svyatoslav crushed the secular enemy — Snake, Wonder Yudo, dark kingdom Koshchey. Were released thousands of Slavic slaves, including the subjects of the Khazar Kagan — the Slavs of Don and Kuban.

— Russia has established itself on the Volga ("Russian River") and the North Caucasus, the first prince principality became Tmutarakan son Svyatoslav, in Byzantine sources — "Sfengo" ("Zvenko, Zvyaga"?)

— Svyatoslav was able to conclude an alliance with the peoples of the steppe, including the Pechenegs, who assist crush Khazars.

— The preparation of a subsequent stroke — the liberation campaign of the Balkan Peninsula, the war against Roma.

The exploits of the Russian God of War - Sviatoslav

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