The factory Red October (Volgograd) modernizes production

In the EAF shop number 2 Volgograd Steel Works Red October renovated commissioned electric arc furnace number 6.

Large-scale furnace repair was carried out in the framework of the program of capital repairs of the factory in 2012. Given the wear of its repair took almost five months. Note that the last time the furnace was held renovation in 2006. 

During the maintenance measures forces factory specialized teams and contractors were replaced about 8 large worn units: old racks sleeves electrode arms, clamping system-release mechanism of the electrodes and other components of the furnace unit. In addition, the DSP number 6 has modern water filters and hot gas components.

— Commissioning of the furnace number 6 after the overhaul is certainly a significant event for the company — says the Deputy Executive Director of VSW "Red October" Vadim Leibenzon. — Reconstruction of the furnace unit included elements of modernization. As a result, it would "Red October" to resolve not only the increase in production of high-quality stainless and high-alloy steels, but also to significantly reduce production costs for steelmaking and implement tasks within the factory environmental program to reduce emissions into the environment.

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