The fair opened its first property in Russia LIGHT-ART-PROJECT New Quality of Light

30 March 2012. Fairgrounds in under the umbrella of the Government of the Leningrad region "REGION OF CREATION" at the "Real Estate Fair" opened Russia’s first light-ART-PROJECT "A new quality of light."  

It was organized by TM SvetaLED®, Company "IRSET Center", producing goods for home security, advertising and production company "Workshop for printing" and OOO "47 region."

LIGHT-ART-PROJECT "New Quality of Light" — Is a unique exhibition of objects made with the use of LED light sources. Street with houses in the height of a man. The windows in the houses — the most advanced LED lighting. SvetaLED® for premises, presented in an unusual role. Especially for the project Petersburg artists have decorated their drawings lights, experimenting with subjects and techniques of decorative painting on plastic. A general business partner — Real Estate Fair enthusiastically supported the idea of the organizers and provided an opportunity for visitors to get acquainted with the exposition unusual.

The name of the "new quality of light" is dictated by the advantages of LEDs (LED), which are the latest generation of light sources. In addition to the enormous energy savings and durability, they are safe for humans and nature, do not contain harmful substances. The spectrum of white LEDs is as close to the spectrum of natural sunlight, which is particularly important for the inhabitants of the northern regions. 

These are the lights that are, in fact, are good artificial sun, set in the ground in the Russian village of LED "Little Robin", built in the Leningrad region by "Area 47" in early 2012.  

Leningrad region and the "Little Robin" were the focus of children’s workshops on stained glass mural LED lighting SvetaLED®. Children who came on March 30-31 and April 1 at the expo were able to play the role of industrial designers and decorators.

The idea of the workshops supported by the builders of the Leningrad Region, who came to the opening of the Real Estate Fair in the composition of the delegation.

 After the official opening ceremony of the Deputy Chairman of the Construction Committee of the Leningrad Region Mikalauskas DA and Director of SRO NP "Builders of the Leningrad region" Kobzarenko VB, regional director of the Development Fund for Construction and Housing in Finland «FINEDU» Dementev GP went to see the LIGHT-ART exposure. Together with young designers, construction industry leaders have painted several lights. According to them, this promising and rewarding project no accident took place under the auspices of the "State of Creativity".

Kobzarenko VB Director of the Self-Regulatory Organization "Builders of the Leningrad region" said

"Today we are going to increase the efficiency of construction labor twice. It is the use of new technologies and materials allow you to perform this task with maximum efficiency. What is innovation, our children know better than us — at a young age all the new tech is genuine interest. Through this awareness comes understanding, and their future profession. "

General business partner LIGHT-ART-PROJECT acted Realty Fair. The partners of the project are company "IRSET Center" Company "region 47" and the Union of construction companies Leningrad region.

The company "Print Workshop" attracted artists and designers of St. Petersburg, participated in the project: Galina and Mikhail Sidash, Natalia Hrustaleva (project HlEb), Julia Slezkin, Natalia Fedorova, Larisa Toder, Irina Burkova Pudanova Catherine, Elizabeth Marina, Irina Okuneva Veronica Dremina, Daria Ogneva, Karina Ermine. 


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