The family of fuel supply next-generation battery systems developed in the Altai region

Unique and innovative products Company "Altai plant precision products" (AZPI) has now been successfully tested on a variety of techniques.

Altay Common Rail System (ACRS)  runs performance tests on the car belonging AZPI MAZ-4371 with an engine of the Minsk Motor Plant, D-245.30 (Euro-3). At the end of April mileage of almost 3 thousand miles. Similar tests are carried out on the tractor "Belarus 1220.4" in Minsk (1100 hours operating time), ZIL-5301 "bull" in the town of Stary Oskol (run 45 thousand km). Being tested and marine applications. Reviews of the system, only positive.

Battery fuel supply system of a new generation of technology can be used on both civilian and military purposes — for armored vehicles, diesel engines, ship, etc.

Altai plant precision products (Barnaul) — one of the leading innovative industrial enterprises of the Altai Territory. At the current high-tech manufacturing mastered the production of about 200 modifications sprayers and nozzles used on virtually all domestic and foreign engines.

The enterprise has developed its own machine-tool building successfully upgraded the operating equipment, and specialists design and produce machines, including having no analogues in the world.

By 2012 the forecast production plan for AZPI compared to the year 2011 to increase by 34 percent. In monetary terms, this would amount to about 650 million rubles. Just this year, during the development of products and order fulfillment for the company BOSCH number of employees at the plant will increase by 100 people. 



At this stage in the development of Altay Common Rail System (ACRS) invested about 420 million rubles. own funds — expenditure on research, prototyping, testing, purchasing special equipment.

"This is the cost of staging the production system. In the near future we can talk about investments and about two billion more than just technology — not a continuation of the development, and for raising production on stream " — said the company’s CEO Victor Herman.

The system includes: high pressure fuel pump with integrated performance, hydraulic accumulators with safety valves, high pressure pipes, hydraulic solenoid injectors and the electronic control unit with a set of sensors and switching cable.

"The system has a plurality of sensors in the engine that capture metrics such as the exhaust gas temperature, air intake, torque, load, etc. All of them are connected to the onboard computer, which commands the entire apparatus, " — said Manager Victor Herman.

He stressed that AZPI today is the only post-Soviet territory now similar profile, which reached the level of "Euro-4" and now competes only with world leaders.

Output at maximum production capacity is planned in 2014 in the course of the project The company plans to create about 400 new jobs. In the implementation of the project will employ more than 600 people.




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