The Far Eastern Federal University began to move about. Russian

Moving to the Far Eastern Federal University on. Russian kicked off on April 24. The first went to the island of School of Humanities. Stage a large-scale transportation of the property of the Federal University will begin in late June.

— This is another important step in the development of the university. It offers the prospect of further development of the university — assesses the event rector Sergei Palo Iwaniec. — The first priority for the near future will be the relocation of all Russian units.

University will spend a lot of work for four months. We should not simply move from the mainland to the island hundreds of tons of valuable property, but also provide installation and commissioning of all equipment, carry out a large range of preparatory activities for the organization of the educational process.  

To move to the island of Russian at the University established an operational headquarters under the leadership of the Secretary of the Academic Council of Palo Alexander Gridasova. All services and schools designated responsible, step-formed schedule your move.

According to the operational headquarters, followed by the School of Humanities followed by removal of all the units of Schools Palo. Moved to the island until only those structures that are not involved in the learning process, and whose remote work does not become an impediment to the effective functioning of the University. With the end of the school year and the end of the session — at the end of June — will stage a large-scale transportation of property in the case of the Federal University new campus.

Special attention will be given to the creation of comfortable social conditions for students, faculty and staff of the university. To do this, Palo is looking for potential tenants willing to accommodate food service outlets, shops, commercial vehicle and other infrastructure.

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