The farm Mamadishskyi District of Tatarstan for the day from a cow get 25 kg of milk

In agriculture "food program" some "record holder" of the local herd and give 35 pounds of milk per day. In the agro-industrial complex "food program" every day from each cow produced 25 kg of milk. Some of the "record holder" of the local herd yield and 35 pounds of milk per day.




Gross production of milk per day, "the World Food Program," an average of 25 tons

High productivity of dairy cattle is largely due to the correct feeding of the animals. So, this week in Agribusiness "Food Program" tab Hay completed. Then, the farm will begin harvesting silage. In agriculture, there are 9 special pits with a capacity of 20 tons each. 

In the "Food Program" contains 1 million dairy cows, 700 heifers and 600 calves. The animals were in accordance with the current requirements groomed 25 people.


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