The FBI uncovered the truth about UFOs




In connection with the expiration of a 50-year period of secrecy FBI posted on the web for all to see their documents on UFOs. Now the ufologists are proud of — the publication of the documents shows that half a century ago, the all-powerful FBI also spends more manpower and resources, trying to explain the unexplainable.

50 years later confess to cheating shame. Film FBI in an alien in Roswell in 1947

The FBI "Stolichnaya" said their old files on UFOs have appeared in the public domain thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. "Regular declassification of documents that do not pose a threat to U.S. national security, but can serve as a benefit to society, we have come regularly and automatically, — assured the press-secretary of the FBI. — Now just came the'' green men.'' And we hope that these documents will serve as a science about them. "

It is necessary to warn that 1600 files posted on the Internet, have little to do with the adventures of agents Mulder and Scali of "The X-Files." This is — dry typewritten reports of strange objects military in the sky and the FBI about conversations with their witnesses and nerdy bureaucratic correspondence, from which all blacked out people's names and military units. However, ufologists do not hide their pride in what they now joins the ranks of J. Edgar Hoover himself.

— In our work, we are constantly faced with the concepts of "top secret" and "state secrets", — said the "Metropolitan" leading Russian UFO researcher, author of numerous books and publications about UFOs Vadim Chernobrov. — But sooner or later the truth about UFOs still become public.

Mainstream science, however, does not hide his irritation FBI documents.

— Ufology is not a science but a hoax — said "Stolichnaya" deputy director of the Pulkovo Astronomical Observatory Vladimir Postnikov. — Representatives of the scientific community have never received any evidence of the existence of so-called UFO. FBI documents nothing but cheap sensationalism, not added to it.

And while there are disputes, "little green men" live their lives. Yesterday all the news agencies of the world sent the message that China's passenger aircraft pilot saw a ball of light that followed the plane, and then on the inaccessible human speed devices soared and disappeared.
Zahar Artemiev, Sergei Petukhov

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