The Federal CARDIOCLINIC Krasnoyarsk passed the first heart surgery without opening the chest

Feb. 22 in the Federal CARDIOCLINIC Krasnoyarsk passed the first operation on the mitral valve through minimal access.

The technique allows to carry plastic or valve replacement for people with heart defects without disclosing the chest (the cut is only 5 cm). The operation lasts about 2 hours.

The first two operations on the mitral valve in the Cardiology Center of Krasnoyarsk were successful, patients are transferred from the intensive care unit. It is planned that this method of operation will be implemented in the daily practices of the acquired heart disease.

To perform the first operation Krasnoyarsk surgeons assisted colleagues from the Federal Center for Cardiovascular Surgery of Astrakhan. The advantage of surgery is that it is not necessary to make large incisions, which are fraught with complications. Rehabilitation of the patient is faster, better.

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