The Fighter T-50 with engines Saturn is fully consistent with the TTZ on plane

Flight of the second prototype of the PAK FA is successful, the claims to the engine and automation was not, said the managing director of JSC "NPO" Saturn "- Deputy General Director of JSC" MC "UEC" Ilya Fedorov.

According to the SEC chief designer of A. Cradles — director of "STC them. AM Lyulka "(JSC" NPO "Saturn") Eugene Marchukova "engines that stand in experimental models of prospective fifth-generation fighter, much different from the 117S engines intended for Su-35, and the parameters, and a radically new system automatic control. The Fighter T-50 with engines "Saturn" is fully consistent with the TTZ on the plane, and with the same engine will be commercially available for the needs of the Russian Air Force. "

Are continuing a special bench and engine endurance tests on the basis of Lytkarino machine factory (branch of JSC "NPO" Saturn "), ground tests conducted in conjunction with the systems of the aircraft on the basis of JSC" Sukhoi "in LII. Gromov at the site of T-50-KNS, are flight-tested at the facilities of the T-50-1 (40 flights), T-50-2 (2 flights) and a flying laboratory on the basis of the Su-27 (Flight 32).

As previously reported, on March 3, the second prototype of the future Russian fifth generation fighter made its first flight. The plane took off from the airfield KnAAPO. The flight was successful. Fighter piloted honored test pilot Sergei Bogdan Russia.

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