The figure of the week: 28915 cars exported from Russia for six months in 2012

In the first half of 2012 from Russia to other countries (with the exception of the Customs Union — Belarus and Kazakhstan) exported 28,915 cars. Slightly more than half of them (55%) were the products of AvtoVAZ — 15951 car. At the same time quite actively began to grow and export of foreign cars assembled in Russia. Thus, in January-June this year were exported 3,806 cars Hyundai Accent, 3601 cars Kia Rio, 2230 cars Volkswagen Polo, Renault Sandero cars 810 and 602 car Renault Logan. 

If you look at the geography of exports, the largest volume of deliveries this year fell on Ukraine (18859 pcs.). This is followed by Azerbaijan (6743 pcs.), Latvia (1,022 pcs.), Kyrgyzstan (522 pcs.), Armenia (238 pcs.), Lithuania (235 pcs.) And Georgia (238 pcs.). In Western Europe the number of exports was symbolic — to 8 cars were sent to Germany and France, 6 cars hit the UK, one in Belgium and Switzerland. As an "exotic" to know what cars are exported from Russia, even in countries such as Mongolia (116 pcs.), Venezuela (3 pcs.), Guinea (2 pieces), Angola (2 pcs.) And Nicaragua (1 pc. ). 

According to the director of the agency "AUTOSTAT" Sergei Tselikova, exports of passenger cars in the current year compared to last up to 8%.

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