The fire on the icebreaker Vaygach: two people were killed, there is no radiation hazard

The fire on the icebreaker "Vaygach": two people were killed, no radiation threatAt the radiation environment fire the icebreaker "Vaygach" not worked. This was said to "Interfax" referring to the Siberian Interregional Territorial District Supervision of Nuclear and Radiation Safety of the RTN.

"The main thing is that fire did not become a prerequisite for irregularities in the reactors. In the area of the tragedy of the radiation situation within the norm "- the ministry said, adding with all this, that the icebreaker is not subject to supervised Siberian neighborhood.

Data that ignition the icebreaker "Vaygach"On the operation of the reactor is not affected, confirmed in Rosatom." Radiation effects not, because the fire occurred in a residential spaces of the vessel. For reactor plant no threat there, "- noted in Rosatom. Tam said that ignition now removed, but domestic premises are smoke detector.

Fire on "Vaygach" could occur due to violations of crew safety rules. "The premise was likely human factor. Apparently, sailors violated safety rules. When the heat source is located in the cabins or domestic premises, this is the reason for a possible" — said the source of critical services in the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

Acts when a fire crew in critical services were approved. "Crew ship in the first Minutka cope with fire without the help of others, acting in accordance with their instructions. After that, the crew helped rescue workers arrived at the scene, "- he added.

In case of fire, killing two crew members suffered another. Natalia Krinitskaya, Senior Assistant West Siberian Transport Prosecutor for interaction with the media and the public, in turn, said that the Dudinka transport prosecutor's office at the present time is checked to determine the events of the incident.

"It is understood that"Vaygach"Sailed toward Dudinki on the Yenisei" — said Krinitskaya. She also added that the incident was connected to the investigation of the West Siberian Investigation Department of Transportation. In the West Siberian Investigation Department of Transport told that the place was targeted operational investigative group, which consists of UK employees, the Emergencies Ministry and the FSB investigation check is carried out. The results of this review will be the basis for further action. A representative of the department said that a man who has suffered as a result of fire, hospitalized with various injuries.

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