The first 6 Su-35 Air Force will receive up to end of 2012

Until the end of 2012 to adopt the Air Forces of the Russian Federation will be taken the first six of the latest multifunctional Su-35.

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At the moment, end flight tests of Russian combat aircraft in the test center, located in Akhtubinsk. As you know, earlier in the international air show MAKS-2009 was awarded a contract, under which up to 2015 by the Russian Air Force will go 48 multi-role fighters Su-35s.

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Su-35, as a further development of the Su-27, is defined as the plane of the 4 + +, which is in turn a transitional stage to the next aviation 5th generation. The new development has received a new wing, a new engine and new avionics. Just a fighter plane installed a new system of control of the aircraft. As a result of deep modernization of the Su-35 has a complex super-maneuverable aircraft that can be used not only being in the ranks arms of "air-to-air", but its development and future. In addition, in the arsenal of the Su-35 is and airborne weapons belonging to the class "air-surface".

The main task of the modern Russian fighter — the conquest of the air, followed by its retention, air support in the air. The Su-35 can be used in the conflicts of any size, at various distances distance. 

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