The first aircraft for the new regional airline Orenburg

"Distance" from an idea to its implementation should be minimal — the task set by the Governor of the Orenburg region in front of the regional government after the kick-off meeting with the owner and the leadership of the Czech aircraft manufacturer "Aircraft Industries", which discussed the prospects for delivery in Orenburg region of small capacity aircraft L-410 for organizing flights for short distances. In little more than six months and now the airport "Orenburg" meets two new aircraft, which will form the basis of a new regional airline "Orenburg region." According to the head of the region, on February 22 can rightly be considered the day of birth if not, then certainly the revival of the Orenburg regional aviation.

— Hopefully this will be a worthy continuation of the glorious traditions of Orenburg "notch", Yuri Gagarin’s feat and other explorers of the sky, our countrymen, — said Yuri Berg. — I would like to emphasize that the emergence of a regional airline, which will provide air service from Orenburg-heart Eurasia, economic and regional centers of the Volga region, the Urals and neighboring Kazakhstan — is proof of real economic activity in our region, it is ready for the economic and cultural integration in the country and abroad. It is, ultimately, a modern, comfortable environment for passengers. Today is the first among the Orenburg region PFD and one of the first in the country begins to develop regional aviation, responding to the challenges of time and matching their requirements — said the governor.

Meanwhile runway airport "Orenburg" touched the chassis of the two L-410 aircraft. Czech pilots, delivered the aircraft to the ground Orenburg, met Governor Yuri Berg, the members of the Government of the Orenburg region, the chief federal inspector in the Orenburg region, Sergei Gavrilin, representatives of the company "UMMC-Holding" (which owns a controlling stake "Aircraft Industries"), the plant manager -Ilona Plskova aircraft manufacturer, employees SUE "International airport" Orenburg ", etc.

— These first "swallow" created a good foundation so that we can contact you at any time to reach the cities of the Volga Federal District, to our remote towns and villages. It is also a new challenge for our company Orenburg — State Unitary Enterprise "International airport" Orenburg ", new jobs — said, welcoming the participants, Yuri.

Yuri Berg thanked all those who made good faith to ensure that this significant event took place for the area. Highlighted the attitude of "UMMC-Holding", personally CEO Andrew Kozitsin to cooperate with the Orenburg region, the high social responsibility of the company. Recall that the holding company has long worked in the region, there develops mining and metallurgical industry and is represented by companies such as Mednogorsky copper and sulfur plant, Gai GOK, Orenburg plant "Radiator".

Today, the Orenburg region faces serious challenges in the development of a new business — a regional aviation. In the near future will arrive in Orenburg another aircraft, assembled in the Czech air carrier. And there is a serious intention not to stop. But in parallel with the technical equipment of the new regional carrier, extensive work is needed to promote air services — will, first of all, to return passengers to the aircraft. To do this, the cost of tickets will be subsidized by the regional and federal budgets. Tentatively, from April 1 this year aircraft airline "Orenburg" will begin operating scheduled flights to Samara, Kazan, Ufa and other regional centers.

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