The first Angara equipped engines


The delivery of all engines of the first stage of flight test version of a heavy launch vehicle "Angara" will end in October, said the executive director of the engine-company NPO "Energomash" (Khimki, Moscow Region) Vladimir sun.


"Three out of five of RD-191 first flight sets are already at the State Research and Production Space Center Khrunichev. Two more engines we went there in September — October of this year ", — said V.Solntsev.


He noted that the second flight set of five engines for heavy "Angara" will be formed in 2013.


"Engines of the second set are in production in various stages of manufacture. There is no doubt that all of them will be made in time and go to the customer in 2013, "- said General Director of the company.


According to him, the NGO "Energomash" in the mode of production supplies capable of producing up to 30 engines for the "Angara" in the year. "Our capacity today can produce forty two engines per year, of which about thirty is the RD-191 engine for the Angara launch vehicle," — said V.Solntsev.


According to the correspondent of the newspaper "Military-Industrial Courier," news agencies ARMS-TASS and Interfax-AVN


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