The first Ash breaks in the sea


Team multipurpose submarines of the fourth generation is finalizing preparations for sea trials

The exact date when the lead ship of a new series of poison to take final exams in the White Sea, the advance is not advertised, but the mystery of it is not.


— Wait for news of the second half of August — have made it clear in the administration of Severodvinsk, which established the official patronage of the crew of the ship of the same name. Such an agreement Mayor Michael Gmyrin, crew captain I rank Serey Mityaev and the official representative of "Sevmash" signed in December 2009 — the first. In July last year, ASMC "Severodvinsk" was taken out of the stacker shop and launched the outfitting works and for mooring trials.

— This is the first multi-purpose submarine of the fourth generation, and very symbolic that it bears the name of your beautiful city — then said, turning to Severodvinsk, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, who came specially for the ceremony descent.

The first-born in a new series of multi-purpose submarines (Project 855 "Ash") proved to be extremely "difficult child" — and its founders of the St. Petersburg Marine Engineering Bureau (SPMBM) "Malachite", and for shipbuilders, "Sevmash" on the stocks which it was founded in 1993.

Record-bound (almost 18 years) during the construction period was the result of a sharp reduction in defense contracts and the collapse of the scientific and industrial cooperation in military shipbuilding. Mingled here and a lot of other factors, both objective and subjective.

But be that as it may, the ship afloat, outfitting work completed, the crew is trained. According to chief designer SPMBM "Malachite" Vladimir Pyalov, readiness cruiser is estimated at 98.9 percent. Now completed comprehensive mooring trials. Following this — the first outlet to the sea. And it is not just a walk and a heavy program running tests, designed for two months.

Long birth parent "Ash", as noted by its creators, is due not only to economic difficulties in the country, but fundamentally new architecture and weaponry. "Severodvinsk" is a powerful set of weapons, including supersonic cruise missile "Onyx". Thus it combines the quality of a high-speed and low-noise torpedo submarine capabilities with missile cruiser which was, for example, the victim "Kursk". In addition the ship received the latest communication and navigation systems, equipped with a fundamentally new nuclear power plant.

The crew of "Severodvinsk" was formed on the basis of 11 divisions of submarines of the Northern Fleet in 2005 and studied at the 270-m Navy training center in Pine Forest. In October 2009, the seamen came from the Arctic in Severodvinsk and a half years instead of commissioning team prepared his ship to the entry into service of the Navy.

During this time, of course, had time to grow roots in the city. The authorities of Severodvinsk, in turn, create synergies with the families of military seamen: help with housing, employment and childcare places. Barracks for the crew of the Coast have provided decent furniture and household appliances. And the day before going out to sea "Severodvinsk" received from chefs special powerful vacuum cleaner — for a tidy compartments of the ship.


After the first "Ash" in the stack shop "Sevmash" acquires flesh the second ship of the same project. At the laying of the twentieth July 2010 he was given a proper name — "Kazan". As with any major undertaking, the construction of a submarine is not without its challenges and unexpected complications. But deliverer responsible for this "order", as expressed by the shipbuilders, has been appointed an experienced engineer and shipbuilder Viktor Sorokin. To his credit in that capacity four completed construction, tested and delivered to the Navy submarine ship — are multi-purpose submarines "Panther", "boar", "Cheetah" and special purpose submarine "Sarov".

Along with the new ships of the Northern Fleet in the souls of sailors without a team has registered poems and songs based on poems by Victor Sorokin. He is like no one else knows how to convey what the "soul of the sea," said divers from different generations. From their own name and would like to wish Viktor N. on the eve of his 60th anniversary not to weaken the business and creative tension. And the fact that at the time of launching the "Ash-Kazan" is born and she dedicated the song, do not doubt.

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