The first batch came out of Vladivostok aeroexpresses suburbs

OAO Demikhovsky Machine Works ‘(Moscow region), part of the CJSC Transmashholding’, sent the first train ED9M to be used as a UFA on the route between Vladivostok and the airport. Route operator — Company ‘Aeroexpress’ — plans to buy for him four trains, the newspaper ‘Golden Horn’.

Train consists of six cars. The most notable design features of this option are reclining sliding exterior doors with access to both the high and low on the platform. In head-electric cars are provided ramps for boarding-disembarking wheelchair users, as well as to position the wheelchair in the cabin. The system of microclimate in the interior of the car will allow year-round support to electric temperature comfortable for passengers.

The design of the electric widely used LEDs that allow you to achieve a brighter and more efficient lighting in the cabin. Exterior Lights (buffer lights and signal lights) and are based on LEDs. In addition to electric cars bins are additionally provided for luggage racks. In the interior of the car a TV. In addition, the train is mounted surveillance system.

Recall that the cost of the project for the construction of the line is 8.1 billion rubles. It is assumed that the time on the way the light stops at four stations (including the city of Artem) is 48 minutes. The project reconstructed 50.3 km of existing tracks and four stations, and laid a new section of a length of 4 km and built a new station, which is adjacent to the terminal.

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