The first batch of cameras Sibelektroschit shipped in Krasnoyarsk Electric Networks

The company "NPO" Sibelektroschit "mastered the production of a new product — the camera team-sided maintenance CSR-393 on the three-position switching devices SL12 rated voltage of 10 kV gas-insulated production of" Eltehnika. "


The first batch of cameras manufactured and shipped in Krasnoyarsk electrical network to supply pumping station.KSO-393 with a gas-insulated switches have the following advantages:
Three-position design allows you to:
— significantly reduce the cost of switching device through the implementation of a single unit of two functions
switch (disconnectors) and earthing switch;
implement a natural system of locks, eliminating the possibility of abuse.

Sealed switch housing filled with insulating gas, you can:
— implement a simple and highly reliable system arcing;
— contact system protects from the effects of the environment: water and dust;
— allows you to create a switching device that requires no maintenance over the life of;
— minimizes the likelihood of an open arc;

The cross, relatively busbar switchgear layout, allows you to:
— implement a simple and reliable drive, which is mounted directly on the shaft and does not have any drafts;
— significantly reduce the size of CSR and switchgear;
— simplify bus system CSR and switchgear.

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