The first batch of the Altai flour shipped to China


Wheat flour produced Rebrihinskim grain processing combine in the Altai region first appearance on the market of China. The company, part of the company’s "PAVA" expanding its exports its products, high quality is appreciated by Russian and foreign manufacturers of bakery products.

In late April of this year, grain processing plant shipped its first ever batch weighing flour trade mark "Altai-Father" and first grade flour brand "PAVA" to the People’s Republic of China. Delivery has been made under a contract entered into with a major Chinese trading company licensed to import wheat flour and the quota for the import of goods into the territory of China.

Before making an order, the client took the test Altay flour samples, which is ideally suited for the preparation of traditional Chinese bread. Customer praised the quality of flour. Also, it is arranged value for money products. The Chinese side emphasized and the most convenient logistics scheme delivery. New partner "Rebrihinskogo grain-processing plant" will provide the Altai flour bakery products manufacturers in China. In the near future baking of it will be in stores and restaurants in the state.

"The first shipment of grain-processing plant with Rebrihinskogo flour in China — a historic moment for the company. Flour from grain processing plants of "PAVA" is known to foreign consumers and continues to rapidly gain foreign market, successfully competing with the products of world producers. We are beginning to explore one of the most strategically important export destinations and focus on significant an increase in the supply of their products in China"- Said the commercial director of" PAVA " Angela Kiseleva.

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