The first batch of the new forest fire equipment sent to Krasnoyarsk foresters

The company "CHETRA-Forest", a specialized unit sales of the Concern "Tractor plants" put in Krasnoyarsk forest fire first two crawler tractors TT4M-23K-02. production of software "Krasnoyarsk plant of forest engineering" ("Kraslesmash").
The contract for the manufacture of a new forest fire engineering concluded with the Government of the Krasnoyarsk region of PO "Krasnoyarsk plant of forest engineering." According to the contract, the company of "CHETRA Forest" will deliver a specialized autonomous institutions of Forestry of the Krasnoyarsk Territory, ensure the protection of forests, forest fires this year, 6 units of modern forest fire equipment. The first two forest fire crawler machine TT4M-23K-02 have already been shipped boundary state institution "Krasnoyarsk base of aviation protection of forests."

The new development "Kraslesmash" and Krasnoyarsk Design Institute of combine harvester — caterpillar forest fire machine Grade 4 End with increased capacity for water. TT4M-23K-02 is designed to prevent and fight forest fires in inaccessible places mechanized, location of forest fires by laying barrier and the supporting bands, extinguishing fires edges with water, foam or fire extinguishing emulsions. The tractor can be used as a pumping station for water supply. With the help of a pusher can perform excavation and preparatory work for trails, loading docks, repair of roads and mustache at Hilling packs trees. Using the winch may hauling debris, hauling some trees. With a tractor can be aggregated silvicultural tool. Forest fire machine can be easily converted into a skidder to conduct harvesting in fireproof period. On TT4M-23K-02 set the GLONASS system with the ability to control the location, condition of parts and systems, fuel consumption. Installation of robotic systems, extinguishing the fire.
As the General Director of JSC "CHETRA Forest" Leonid Okladnikov today with OAO PO "Krasnoyarsk plant of forest engineering" into a state contract for the supply of 40 units of forest fire tracked vehicles TT4M-23K-02 from Kostroma, Tomsk, Kemerovo Oblast, Altai Republic and Buryatia and Khabarovsk Territory.

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