The first batch of tram rails rolled at new camp of Evraz ZSMK

Evraz rails will be put "Mosgortrans" as well as other Russian consumers. Part of the party rails will go to Latvia.

  • Photo: Maxim Kiselev

Today JSC "Evraz ZSMK" (Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region.) Is the only Russian producer of tram rails. Also, in the nearest future development specialists rail rolling mill for the underground.

In the rail and the shop was reconstructed. As a result, plant should reach full capacity of 950 thousand tons of rails per year. Alterations began in 2009 and was held in two phases, during which the project has invested more than 18 billion rubles.

Just recently, a test center of the Russian Research Institute of Railway Transport delivered the certification game-hundred-meter differentially heat-strengthened rails production ZSMK. In June, bench tests are completed Novokuznetsk rails on fatigue and fracture toughness.

 Now the products to be tested for safety, carefully "run" at the landfill. It is expected that this crucial phase will take about six months. And if he succeeds, metallurgists will receive a certificate authorizing the release with the products on the market.

After the development of the technology will be differentiated thermostrengthening ZSMK hundred-meter rails manufacturer of high performance properties required for use on high-speed highways. And the increased length — a significant reduction in the number of welded joints, which is also a plus for speed and safety.

In addition, the new relsobalka — means new jobs for metallurgists, just emerging from closing rolling shop. And yet — the improvement of the ecological situation in Novokuznetsk, because for hardening rails will be used not oil, as before, and the air, eliminating harmful emissions.

I must say, "Eurasia", until recently a monopoly in the domestic market of the rails have to produce their products in a competitive environment. The fact is that almost simultaneously launched production of long rails at Chelyabinsk Metallurgical Plant. In the universal rolling mill company "Mechel" has invested about $ 715 million.

The manufacturer reports that have almost concluded with the railway department long-term (seventeen years) contract to supply up to 400,000 tons of rails per year. So the prospect of reducing our dependence on imported railway manufacturers, primarily — Japan, is obvious. One way or another, but the experts say: the need for Russia to good and new tracks are so great that enough work for everyone.

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