The first battle test the radar Voronezh was successful

On Tuesday morning, early warning radar station "Voronezh", stationed in Armavir, spotted two launches of ballistic objects in the Mediterranean region.


The flight path of these objects, which, after a certain (very "strange", it should be noted) confusion NATO forces have been officially recognized as the "Israeli missiles target", pointed to the fact that they were flying in the direction of Syria. Again official version emanating from Israeli military and the U.S., says that the start of the training missile was made to test the air defense systems and defense of the Jewish state — in the event of his involvement in a large-scale Middle East conflict.

In this version, careful observers have found too many self-contradictory and not completely elucidated, allowing some of them have even concluded that ballistic missiles were real, fighting, and they were not shot down by Israeli and Syrian (read Russian production) ABM. This, they say, explains the confusion in the "testimony", which at first gave the Israelis and the Americans.

But this is not the main thing now. And the fact that Instantly find these "unidentified flying objects" Russian servicemen are from the theater "exercise" for a thousand miles. And no one — in the whole vast Mediterranean-Black Sea region. That is clearly not up to date on these starts at the time they were made and the Turks and Italians and Iranians, Egyptians, Greeks, and many other residents of the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

This leads to a clear conclusion: Russia now has the most effective means of defense. And the ability to protect themselves from attacks of any article of ballistic weapons the enemy at a distance of 4.6 thousand kilometers. This is the range of the radar system in the missile warning "Voronezh" in Armavir, Krasnodar Territory.

At the end of last year was suspended operation of Gabala radar station in Azerbaijan. At first it seemed that it may slightly reduce Russia’s defense on its southern borders. In addition, all possible doubts were expressed about the high qualities of a relatively lightweight "Voronezh", their consistency in tracking the huge, potentially threatening spaces. Now it becomes clear that the fears were unfounded. In place of the radar of the "DTV", which served in Gabala, has come even more effective radar, located directly on the territory of our state. In front of her predecessor and there are lots of other benefits — relatively low cost of production, speed of installation, the ability to increase the range by additional modules, etc.

In 2014, the radar of the "Voronezh" to intercede on combat duty in the west and east of Russia, firmly closing the respective boundaries of the country. Which would be no reason to doubt the efficiency and reliability of these unique plants more, it seems, is left.

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