The first boiler, gas-fired, opened in Kamchatka

Total thermal power boiler running in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, 38.5 Gcal / h, gas-oil-fired steam boilers — 60 tons of steam per hour.

The new boiler room is located on the site of the old boiler house number 1, which will also be rebuilt to run on natural gas. Enter the two boilers will provide an opportunity for heat constructed blocks of Petropavlovsk.

Most recently, on Kamchatka was built a gas pipeline from the Sobolev gas converted two Kamchatka CHP. Now we have to put on all of the major natural gas utility objects edge. 

Customer-developer of the boiler is "Kamchatka", and the general contractor "Daltehenergo."
This is the first object that will provide heat for the city through the environmentally friendly fuel — natural gas.

On the boiler house has a modern and efficient equipment, which in the future will give significant fuel savings. All the technological processes on the same boiler operates a modern computer system.

Boiler room is equipped chemical laboratory, which controls the operation of the gas equipment, fire suppression systems, supervisory control, video surveillance, burglar and fire alarms. Reserve fuel for new power will fuel.

In 2012 JSC "Kamchatka" concluded a five concession agreements with the administrations of Petropavlovsk, Elizova, Novoavachinskogo, Novolesnovskogo Razdolnenskiy and rural settlements. As part of these agreements will be built 18 new gas-fired boiler with heating systems, including Petropavlovsk — one boiler room, which started in work

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