The first combat aircraft took off from the new runway in Akhtubinsk

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu was inaugurated on Monday a new runway flight test center Chkalov Akhtubinsk Astrakhan region, the first significant rise with a new band performed two new aircraft undergoing testing at the center.

"This object is extremely necessary for the armed forces to test new and upgraded vehicles," — said Shoigu told reporters after the opening of the runway. The minister recalled that in the near future in the sun must be received more than 600 new aircraft and nearly a thousand helicopters.

According to the builders, deposited object — it is the longest runway in the country’s military, its length is four kilometers and a width of 60 meters. However, it is universal, you can receive and send aircraft of any type, any size, in any weather conditions.


"It allows you to take any court and the military and civilian. During the construction used the best technology, which only exists in the world. Orientation with the satellite, with a maximum deviation of no more than 10 millimeters throughout. According to the structure is the" layer cake ", the outgoing 1.8 meters below ground, top branded 41 inch thick concrete. sits on a base of any "Airbus", "Ruslan", "Dream." Also, there will be established signaling equipment, which will put aviasudov in any weather conditions. in the fog, thunderstorms and rain — it is not a barrier, "- said the deputy head of the central board of the construction of roads and airfields Spetsstroy Russia Sergey Kalmyks.

According to him, the new facility is designed to test the newest military hardware the Russian Air Force, including a fifth-generation aircraft.

"Open movement" on the new strip military confidence as the two newest vehicles, arrived in glycerol Chkalov test. Test pilots took to the air last modified SU-30cm and MiG-29 SMT.

"Fantastic, the best aircraft in the world, excellent flying skills," — commented on the first takeoff fighter with a new runway defense minister, who was just off the strip.

Prior to the take-off of aircraft symbolic red ribbon in front of the new runway was cut with scissors Shoigu, the Governor of Astrakhan Region Alexander Zhilkin and rector of the Cathedral of the Archangel Michael Arhiastraga God Archimandrite Andrew. After that, the minister of the church he sprinkled holy water on the new runway and all standing there.

Defense Minister also observed at the airport in Akhtubinsk for the first-ever landing on the new runway of the new Sukhoi Su-34 flew from the airfield Chkalov aviation plant in Novosibirsk. Su-34 while landing at the airport earlier accompanied him coming from the Su-30cm and MiG-29 SMT.

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