The first DDoS attack

Strange and funny things happen together with the development of the site. That is, I found a reputable antiliberast information on our website.
Quote — "Just a site of" Made us "was recorded DDoS attack. Fully put zloumyshlinikam server failed, the attack lasted 1.5 hours, the site was periodically available but strongly inhibited. It’s likely it’s just a feeling out, and the next attack will be more powerful. "

That is, our site is visited quite "active", not only respecting and loving the country, but also those for whom our website as a "turpentine to the wound exhausted." And we wonder about hamsters, penguins bots, trolls, etc. then allegedly creating discussion.
Now the answer is simple -‘s really our "friends" put a spoke in the wheel, "divide and vlavstvuy" is slow, people are not kept in propaganda for "swamp protest" marginal type of rear-wheel Ksenia Sobchak, Nemtsov, Trinity and Bozena.

"Snow Revolution" melted away and it began, and loose rallies "office and mink proletariat", "Pepsi generation, Facebook and Twitter," like a joke when all this fuss want to ride leaders (Westerners) and their Russian and foreign hosts and sponsors .
With the attendance of the site can be found on the website

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