The first dictionary Lezguin language published in the Academy of Sciences

The publishing house of the Academy of Sciences released Dictionary Lezguin language under the editorship of Doctor of philological sciences, professor, chief researcher of the Department of Lexicology and lexicography IYALI DSC RAS Ahmeduly Gyulmagomedova.


The book is intended for a wide circle of readers. The dictionary consists of three parts and includes more than 25,000 units and forms the 18 plagues Lezguin language. It indicates the position of the sounds in the beginning, middle and end, and it describes how the value of the sound to the word. 
The meanings of words, phraseological units and their options are illustrated works of folklore texts, journalistic and professional literature of the nineteenth and twenty-first centuries., Normative samples speaking representatives of all three (kyurinskogo, Cuban, Samur (Ahtynskogo) adverbs Lezguin language

In order to preserve the language and the language of the material is the same feature is illustrated with several examples showing their source website. In late entries are phenomena that express the relationship between the nominative system units (synonyms, antonyms) language. 
Entries are decorated in keeping with the author’s concept of the importance of punctuation marks in them, expressing the relationship between the components of the grammatical and semantic information leksikografiruemoy particular piece of vocabulary. This feature distinguishes this dictionary from the practice of compiling dictionaries in the world of lexicography. 
According to the Academy, the dictionary is the first experience of integrated intelligent integral dictionary Lezguin language. Such a synthesis of this work differs from all available dictionaries of different languages.

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